Microsoft Earn has ended.

The Microsoft Earn program ended on March 5, 2017. We want to thank you for being an Earn member, and we hope the program has been beneficial to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Earn ending?

The Microsoft Earn program ended on March 5, 2017. Although the program was well received by our customers, we decided to focus on other reward and loyalty programs with the potential to provide even greater benefits for our customers in the future.

What is the last day I can receive Earn Credits?

You can continue to receive Earn Credits through Tuesday, November 15, 2016. You can continue to shop and dine at any participating merchant through this date and you will receive your Earn Credits.

What is the last day I can redeem my Earn Credits in the Microsoft Store?

You have until March 5, 2017 to redeem your Earn Credits.

Can I add new credit cards to my account?

Yes. You can continue to manage the credit and debit cards on your account on the Settings page as always.

Can I still refer people to the Microsoft Earn program and receive my referral bonus?

As of today, new enrollments are not being accepted. However, if someone you referred has already enrolled, they can still make their first purchase before November 15, 2016 and you will receive your referral bonus.

What if I have further questions about Microsoft Earn?

You can contact us via our Support page and someone from our team will assist you.